This new center is equipped with a full array of utilities and amenities. Clean water and steady powerrun amply and smoothly inside Clark, while telecommunications and data transfer facilities are state of the art. The park is situated at the heart of a fiber optic loop that connects Clark to other major Philippine cities and to the world Internet backbone. High quality housing at reasonable costs and proximity to leisure and tourism estates, recreation areas, sports and entertainment centers create a highly liveable environment for both employees and expatriate staff.

This latest evolution of the Berthaphil leased properties is being modeled after the latest in integrated communities throughout the world. At the full build-out of Berthaphil III Clark Center you will be able to work, live and shop in one place. Besides all of the benefits and pleasures of an all-in-one community, you will also find yourself in the midst of the Clark Freeport, a virtual playground of leisure activity. You are surrounded by world-class resorts, golf courses, water parks, casinos and other fun, leisure-time activities.