The Berthaphil VI Industrial Park provides ready-made facilities prepared for immediate occupancy by firms engaged in a wide range of manufacturing activities, from simple staging and warehousing to complex electronics assembly. It is a flexible mixed-use industry site, with modular construction allowing allocation of exactly the right blend of facilities for any business. Buildings are designed with space for offices, production lines, warehousing, and loading , with built-in loading docks and transport bays allowing full vehicular access to shop floors. The industrial park is designed for Texas Instrument Supplier Park, this is a business park consisting of a multi type building (high rise and standard factory/warehouse buildings) which are suitable to the needs and preference of the customer.

For over twenty years, Berthaphil has been helping international businesses get started in the Clark Freeport . We have ten locations and over 60 hectares developed. Our Industrial Parks currently host small startups and large multinational manufacturing businesses who are engaged in manufacturing, assembly and distribution of products ranging from aviation, automotive, electronics, and textiles to name a few.

If your business requires a Duty-Free, Tax Free Import / Export environment, along with a 5% Income Tax incentive, as well as easy access to a high quality, low cost, english speaking labor force, then Berthaphil and The Clark Freeport were designed and developed with you in mind. Contact Arlene today at 63 45 599 5312 or [email protected] for more information on space availability, utility and labor rates.