The Industrial Sector which consists of the manufacturing, construction, and foreign trade and exports businesses has been one of the major economic drivers in the country. For over twenty years, Berthaphil has been helping international businesses in the industrial sector get started in the Clark Freeport Zone. 

The Berthaphil Industrial Parks currently host small startups and large multinational businesses who are engaged in manufacturing, assembly and distribution of products ranging from aviation, automotive, electronics, and textiles. 

To maximize the country's potential for development, the government continues to pursue the path to industrialization. Industrialization is the key in achieving socio-economic development for a better and developed Philippines making it a major contributor to the country’s GDP growth in the past year. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the Philippine Gross Domestic Product (GDP) posted a growth of 7.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2021, resulting in 5.6 percent full-year growth in 2021.

As locators continue to pour out and expand their businesses, Berthaphil in Clark becomes the ideal location for industrial companies. Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider Berthaphil as your next industrial location. 

Strategic and Accessible Location

Clark's strategic and accessible location provides convenience to its international partners and can keep supply chains steady by distributing products quickly. Berthaphil's Industrial Parks are located within the Clark Freeport Zone with easy access to airports and seaports.

Modern Infrastructure, Competitive Rent and Wide Range of Space Availability

Berthaphil offers manufacturing and warehouse facilities for businesses seeking a low-cost, employer friendly, freeport environment. The Berthaphil Industrial Parks can accommodate a wide range of light to heavy and small to large Industrial activities. Berthaphil offers you build-to-suit or pre-constructed ready to occupy facilities with reliable utilities and fiber optic voice and data services. 

Employment Opportunities and Large Workforce

The Filipinos ability to adapt to a diverse working environment and fluency in English makes it easier to search for a competitive skilled workforce and labor pool. Berthaphil houses a large workforce for local employees working for international manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

Diverse and Flexible Industrial Parks 

Berthaphil has ten locations and over 60 hectares developed. Berthaphil Industrial Parks are designed to host multi-dimensional business operations from logistics to warehousing, electronic assembly and packaging. 

The industrial parks also provide ready-made facilities prepared for immediate occupancy by firms engaged in a wide range of manufacturing activities, from simple staging and warehousing to complex electronics assembly. It is a flexible mixed-use industry site, with modular construction allowing allocation of exactly the right blend of facilities for any business. Buildings are designed with space for offices, production lines, warehousing, garment manufacturing and electronics assembly. To know more about Berthaphil 

Locators in the industrial sector that require a Duty-Free, Tax Free Import / Export environment, along with Income Tax incentive, as well as easy access to a high quality, low cost, English speaking labor force, then Berthaphil and The Clark Freeport were designed and developed with you in mind. 

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