E-Z Export to the world from The Berthaphil Industrial Park, Clark Freeport Philippines

We offer manufacturing and warehouse facilities for businesses seeking a low-cost, employer friendly, incentive-rich, Freeport environment. The Berthaphil Industrial Parks can accommodate a wide range of light to heavy and small to large Industrial activities. Berthaphil offers you build-to-suit or pre-constructed ready to occupy facilities with reliable utilities and fiber optic voice and data services. Berthaphil saves your company the CAPEX investment as we can finance your facility construction. Berthaphil's industrial parks are located within the Clark Freeport Zone, on the island of Luzon in the Philippines with easy access to airports and seaports. The Clark Freeport offers Duty Free, VAT Free and 5% Income Tax fiscal incentives. Berthaphil also offers an english speaking, cost-effective labor force which is unique in Asia. The Clark Freeport offers multiple levels of security and a wide range of leisure and recreational activities. The Clark Freeport Zone is a highly secure, modern industrial estate with premier utilities and services.

Investors in the Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) enjoy investments incentives designed to be highly competitive with the free zones around the world.

  • Tax and duty-free importation of machinery, equipment, raw materials, supplies, and all other articles including finished goods.
  • No local and national taxes. In lieu of taxes, CSEZ enterprises shall pay a fee of five percent (5%) of gross income earned (GIE)*
  • 100% foreign equity is allowed for many types of industries including manufacturing, tourism, and service-oriented businesses.
  • CSEZ managed as a separate customs territory, ensuring free flow of articles within the zone.
  • Unlimited purchase and consumption of tax and duty-goods within the CSEZ.


*GIE refers to gross revenues derived from any business activity, less cost of sales, cost of production or direct cost of production or direct cost of services (depending on the nature of the business - refer to Allowable Deductions by Industry), excluding any deduction for administrative expenses and incidental losses during a given taxable year