Exceptional opportunity to secure one of the last parcels available.Prime location next to SIA, MetroJet, FEDEX, UPS, CRK Terminal & Cargo Area.

This runway accessible land at Clark International Airport is quickly becoming one of the premier airports in South East Asia. Strategically located between China - Japan - Korean and 3 hours from Singapore and 90 minutes to Hong Kong. Clark International Airport formerly known as The Clark Field U.S. Airforce Base was the largest U.S. Air Base outside the continental United States, enjoys US Military infrastructure and capable of landing any aircraft from the Space Shuttle to the Airbus 380.  And, is a Hub for FEDEX and UPS.

Ideal opportunity for MROs, FBOs, flight departments, cargo airlines, narrow and wide body aircraft airlines, aircraft manufacturers,private and corporate aircraft owners, aviation research and developement and aircraft parking.  


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