True to its commitment to be known as the leading commercial, industrial, residential, and real estate developer in Clark, Berthaphil has consistently delivered far better service to all of its locators, being the number one choice for a business park in the Philippines. 

The continuous effort in transforming Clark Freeport Zone into a preferred tourism and business destination in the Asia Pacific Region has opened many doors of opportunities for employment and investment. The Real Estate Development within Clark paved the way for developers to start their businesses.

These opportunities have given people secured jobs and more places to go to enjoy a good leisure. Clark’s emerging and evolving market has also provided investors a lot of options on where to put in their business.

Numerous options are narrowed-down depending on what a developer can offer. Market competition is always high and demanding and who can deliver the best service is always the first one to be considered. 

Centrally located within Clark, Berthaphil has built and leased over 250 buildings and has helped provide over 500 companies to start their businesses. Berthaphil will soon have new buildings, namely Bldg. 38 at Berthaphil II, Building 11, 12, and 13 at Berthaphil II South, Pavilion 22 at Clark Center, and Berthaphil VI Phase III. This will provide more options to business owners and investment seekers depending on what meets a company’s needs and demand on the available offers. 

With the daily changes in technology, Berthaphil is always trying its best to stay on top of technology by being innovative so locators can also work best with its state-of-the-art structures and facilities.

Not only does it take pride with its vast selection of business centers, Berthaphil also sees the value of enjoying life, may it be through socializing with friends, being with family and loved ones or simply having a sip of coffee with a good book and enjoying your “me time”. A variety of restaurants and coffee shops are available at Berthaphil. 

Traveling is also hassle free. Berthaphil's location is so accessible that even those who commute at work or just plan to go for a hangout can ride jeepneys available at Main gate. Free bus shuttles are also provided by CDC and Blue taxis are available in Clark 24/7. 

Berthaphil guarantees that it will consistently prioritize the needs of its locators in order to provide greater service and support for companies. Step by step help will also be provided so one can feel assured in starting their business in the country. 

Berthaphil will be right there with you. Turn your ideas to reality and prosper with your business. Make it happen and choose Berthaphil. Your number one choice, your perfect choice.