The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector in Clark has become one of the top contributors to the country’s economic growth and still continues to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the Philippines. Clark is the best location for investors because it offers world-class infrastructures, access to fiber-optic connection and has a vast talent pool. The BPOs & Call Centers in Berthaphil continue to grow and develop strongly because of these factors.

The expansion of Clark International Airport and the Malolos-Clark railway project will also provide more opportunities and guarantee convenience for both local and international companies in visiting their BPO partners within Clark. The uncomplicated transportation in Pampanga, cheaper cost of living and less traffic congestion compared to Manila also plays a big factor why skilled workers and professionals prefer to work in Clark or have decided to transfer to Clark.  

As the COVID-19 restrictions loosen, employees are now slowly returning to offices. Although certain adjustments are to be made from working remotely for quite some time, working in the office could still be the better option in terms of productivity. Office setup guarantees that the quality of employees’ workplace is at best condition. The office setup allows employees to escape from the distractions they usually encounter at home. Appropriate working conditions are also guaranteed inside the office from controlled temperature, best equipment, no power interruption and no internet connection issues.

Locators in search of offices that will assure the best working conditions for their employees should consider Berthaphil as their next location. Berthaphil has state-of-the-art structures and facilities that house several BPO’s, call centers and other multinational companies. 

Depending on your business needs and demands, Berthaphil can offer a wide selection of office units and properties for lease. 

Berthaphil Office Suites also offer complete amenities. Below are the office suites amenities staff can enjoy: 

  • Office Expansion
  • PBX Phone System
  • Hi-Speed WIFI Internet Connection
  • Fully Air-conditioned Room/ 24X7
  • With 100% Back Up Generator Power
  • Pantry
  • Free Coffee
  • Reception Area with Receptionist

As the economy recovers from the pandemic and global industries invest in Clark, it is also expected that more BPO and call center companies will be established. Locators and investors interested in finding the best office units should consider Berthaphil as their next business location. Berthaphil can provide the best facilities and guarantees that it will support and guide you every step of the way from your first inquiry to setting up your business. 

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