For years, Clark Freeport Zone has become one of the most exciting and productive places in the Philippines for local and foreign investors because of the ease of doing business here. Berthaphil is the pioneer investor and the leading business and industrial park in Clark. With its state-of-the-art buildings and well-planned facilities, Berthaphil continuously keeps up with the technological innovations to make it cost-efficient to operate in offices, industrial, or commercial spaces of your choice.

Why do business in Clark?

Whether you are an investor wanting to start a new venture or a business looking for an expansion, or a job seeker finding the best opportunities, Clark has thousands of companies, and Berthaphil has helped these companies establish and grow their businesses. With the government’s Build, Build, Build infrastructure program in place, Clark expects more foreign investments to come to its doorsteps. Last year, the Clark Development corporation attracted PHP3.68 billion of foreign investments, which was projected to create 6,690 jobs. It was also one of the seven investment promotion agencies that had major contributions to the P192.34 billion worth of total foreign investments from January to December last year. Needless to say, Clark is established to be the leading business environment in the Philippines.

Why do business with Berthaphil?

Berthaphil is the best choice for establishing your business in Clark. It currently has the top 400+ companies in Clark, with over 25,000 people working in its buildings within 10 locations that cater to different industries and businesses, proving that Berthaphil is a place for all. These locations include industrial parks, manufacturing, warehousing, call centers, retailing, commercial areas, airport logistics hub, aviation, and residential areas. They are all strategically and conveniently placed for both locators and its employees’ convenience. 

Berthaphil sites are surrounded by fine dining and fast-food restaurants, a hospital, banking centers, and fully furnished apartments that can accommodate the management and its employees. There are also nearby schools and townhouses, as well as hotels, casinos, and sports clubs. 

Other neighboring establishments are DHL, UPS, and FedEx, making sending packages easier. On top of that, Berthaphil locations are accessible through public transport–jeepneys, free bus shuttles from CDC, and Blue Taxis. If you are more inclined to drive your car, Berthaphil also provides free public parking.

Furthermore, Berthaphil is preferred by many locators, not only because of the convenience and accessibility of its locations but also for the assistance it provides. Berthaphil will assist you every step of the way by providing the full package. Simply fill out the applications and provide the documents for submission and Berthaphil will make it easy to get your permit to operate for approval. 

Berthaphil helps locators start business seamlessly by relieving them of the tedious legwork such as filing and applying for government permits to operate. If you qualify, you may benefit from a tax holiday and/or some tax incentives, which makes Clark a cost-effective location for companies established in the Clark Freeport.

As Clark further expands its horizons with its international airport and railways to Manila, it is surely becoming the center of commerce in the Northern Philippines. With Berthaphil, your business is in the right location to succeed.