The fundamental prerequisite of employees' productivity depends on how happy and satisfied they are at work. Employees offer their best abilities in a company when they are engaged actively. Employers that can provide an ideal work environment drives employees productivity. While failure to do so or in the absence of a good environment, employees may feel unhappy, disengaged and burdened. An ideal environment determines employee engagement and high productivity that create a conducive and favorable workplace. Locators and companies who highly prioritize these determinants should consider Berthaphil as the best location for their business. 

Berthaphil has state-of-the-art facilities. It is strategically located within Clark that offers world-class infrastructures and access to fiber-optic connection. Berthaphil houses several BPO’s, call centers and other multinational companies and can assure it will provide the best working conditions for everyone. 

Workplace environment plays a big role in an employee's concentration, behavior, cognitive and emotional state because of the substantial amount of time they spend at work. An ideal environment is where an employee can carry out their tasks without any obstruction or distraction. An unfavorable workplace may induce stress to its employees. May it be physical discomfort due to lack of ventilation or external factors like bad office location where noises can be heard from the outside that can cause lack of focus among the employees or the building construction itself being unsafe.

Physical environment affects how employees in the company perform, interact and produce results. Physical workplace environment directly affects the human sense as well as the employees interpersonal interaction and thus their productivity. 

Berthaphil guarantees the quality of its facilities being an ideal workplace to be in. From building design, workspace layout, equipment design, cleanliness, controlled temperature and ventilation. Berthaphil believes that a physical conducive workspace that is comfortable and safe encourages employee engagement. 

Berthaphil offers a wide selection of office units and properties for lease depending on your business needs and demands. Berthaphil has class A state-of the-art buildings, creative workspace solutions and unparalleled security that is nearby and accessible to a lot of establishments.  Employees can also relax at nearby coffee shops or restaurants during their break or hangout with their teammates after work.  Business owners and locators should not only consider what’s inside their office building but should also find a location where almost everything is accessible. This keeps everyone's worries at bay in the sense that if they have banking needs, or medical emergencies they are in a workplace where they can easily and conveniently go to.

For locators wanting to establish a BPO company that operates round-the-clock, Berthaphil has Clark Center that meets the need of a 24-hour economy along with other available units:  

*Berthaphil II - Office Park 
*Berthaphil III - Commercial Center
*Berthaphil IV - Airport Office / Retail
*Clark Welcome Center Office Suites
*Berthaphil VIII - Mercedes-Benz Center

Berthaphil Office Suites also offer complete amenities. Below are the office suites amenities staff can enjoy: 

*Office ExpansionPBX
*Phone System
*Hi-Speed WIFI Internet Connection
*Fully Air-conditioned Room/ 24X7
*With 100% Back Up Generator Power
*Free Coffee
*Reception Area with Receptionist

A good workplace environment encourages employee engagement and productivity which results in the success of the company’s business. Happy and satisfied employees are most likely to also stay in the company. As Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group said, “take care of your employees and they'll take care of your business". A business will never function without its employees, that's why it is important that business owners understand the importance of prioritizing their employees physical and emotional well-being. 

A favorable and positive work environment drives positive changes, facilitates continuous development and inspires innovation. Allow Berthaphil to work with you towards your goal. 

Berthaphil can provide the best facilities and guarantees that it will support and guide you every step of the way from your first inquiry to setting up your business.  Furthermore, Berthaphil offers a lend - lease program to amortize the cost of build-out over the term of the lease and dedicated facilities management to ensure that clients have reliable low cost utilities, high-tech backup and disaster recovery systems with multiple levels of security. 

Check our vacant units and properties for lease. For rental rates, call or email:

Ms. Arlene D. Aniciete - Manager, Sales and Marketing
Telephone Nos.: +(6345) 599 5312; 599 5313
E-mail: [email protected]