Companies need to consider the wellbeing of their employees now that offices are starting to reopen. As businesses still find the value of people being together, business owners and employees are now starting to rethink what is the most convenient set up for everyone when going to their workplace. Berthaphil can offer you the best space and location that is close to a lot of establishments and nearby cities. 

A lot of adjustment in going back to the office is going to happen that might affect employee’s productivity. The stress from traffic, additional time spent from traveling and spending money for food and gas can be some of these factors. The time spent commuting or getting stuck in traffic has become a significant issue for a lot of employees. That is why living closer to your workplace will help you in the long run. Good thing is, Berthaphil houses some of the largest BPOs and call center companies with no hassle in transportation. If you are also looking for  townhouses and apartments within Clark, then Berthaphil has a residential community close to several office spaces and business parks. 

Here are the top benefits why living near your workplace can be beneficial for you: 

Better Health

Commuting and traffic are major stressors. The last thing an employee who is already tired from work would not want to experience is spending more time stuck in traffic. By living closer, you get to save more time and spend those extra hours on a more productive one, like more time with your family or for yourself. A closer workplace can also encourage employees to be physically active by means of just walking or riding a bike to their workplace. This becomes a part of their lifestyle that becomes relatively easy. 

Save Money

Irrespective of whether you have a personal vehicle or use public transport,  diesel and petrol price hikes continue and this has massively affected everyone. Price hikes in diesel and petrol have also affected the food price. The closer you are to your workplace, the less money you have to spend on your transportation. By the time you finish work and you feel hungry, having this thought that soon you'll reach home would convince you to just eat at home rather than spending money again eating outside. 

Increase in Productivity 

Imagine waking up and feeling refreshed because your time is manageable. There is no need for you to wake up 2 hours early or rush leaving home. When you start your day with a fresh mind, you also have the energy to be productive at work. A person who already feels exhausted even before reaching work cannot perform at their best. It both becomes a daily mental and physical exhaustion as they dread going to work and already stressing out leaving for work because of their long travel back home. 

Quality Time for your family and for yourself

If one is asked why they work, the common answer is for their family or for themselves. A life to live with bills to pay. We can only afford all the things we want and need because we have work. We aim to work hard to make life easy so we can be happy. The best way to spend time with your family is when you actually have available time and feel relaxed. And you can only do that if you don’t spend unnecessary time traveling far from your workplace to your home. 

Minimizing stress in your life can be a choice. Choose a workplace that is within your reach so you can be productive and spend quality time with your family. At Berthaphil, we can guarantee that you will be able to experience these benefits. Reach us now so we can assist you. 

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