Spaces in the house or at the office can often lead to serious concerns, especially if there are piles of things that you do not want to let go of that easily and you are looking for an area where you can store them. 

Here is a deal. Berthaphil provides you with a solution that fits your concern when it comes to storing those things—that is renting a self-storage.

It might not ring a bell to many, but renting self-storage is now an emerging first-hand solution to cater to your needs to keep extra things you may not have space for at home or at the office. 

There are plenty of reasons why you might need a storage unit yourself. Here are the advantages of renting a self-storage:

Gives you much ease

If you are planning to extend your property or renovate your home or office and you are having a hard time deciding where you can put all your important belongings, a storage unit may be the answer for you. 

It is very easy to work on a renovation of your office or home if the space is clear and cluttered-free with your belongings. Oftentimes, you might be thinking of how you can protect your belongings from being damaged while the renovation is on-going. Others will transfer their belongings from one place to another inside the house or office where the renovations have not taken place yet. But to declutter those things creates a lot more stress and takes much of the time instead of just focusing on the renovation process. But if you rent storage space, it will give you a place to store your belongings until you’re all set to move into your new home or office. 

Keep your belongings safe

A storage unit provides security and protection. Most of the storage units' security features include CCTV cameras, personal locks with passwords, and security personnel, who are always on duty to make sure that the items stored in each unit are secured properly. So, if you are planning to store some confidential documents or worry about some equipment that requires extra care, a storage unit can be your lifesaver. 

In our storage unit, Berthaphil also follows those mentioned security features because we always prioritize the safety of those belongings which you entrusted to us. For us, we will assure you that your belongings are well-taken care of. 

Caters relief for business operations

Other than keeping your other things, consider renting a storage unit to cater to your business and commercial needs to store equipment, such as seasonal promotional material, office supplies, and other equipment that are not needed on a regular basis. With the security features of the self-storage, any businesses who have a file of documents that needs for archiving may consider renting storage to keep their file safe if there are no available spaces in your office to store them properly. 

At Berthaphil, as we provide you with relief in your business operations, we are also giving you relief that our storage unit can provide you with climate and environmental controlled storage facilities at a significantly lower cost than a full-blown property rental. 

Helps in decongesting cluttered space

Well, renting a storage space is the solution if you want to clear out your current home or workspace by moving items you don't need to see every day but still wouldn't want to lose completely. It is more practical than sacrificing your peace of mind about where you can place all those things that you still find essential and do not want to let go of easily.

In Berthaphil, you can rent a 15 Square Meters space for at least 3 months. The self-storage is applicable for extra storage, file storage, document storage, BIR Archives, and furniture & equipment storage. However, there will be additional costs per month for self-storage with an air conditioning unit, which includes an electricity charge.

When you’re looking for reliable self-storage to protect your belongings, Berthaphil is the best option. Our company offers quality storage space at affordable prices. Reserve yours now and reach out to us. We are ready and willing to help you choose the right size unit for your needs.

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