The location of one's business plays a big role in the decision making of a company and/or its future investors. Deciding where to locate a business is crucial as it can affect the long-term performance of the company and its best employees. A good location should also be built on accessibility, convenience and can guarantee the quality of its buildings and facilities. All of these things, you can find and enjoy only at Berthaphil. 

Locators now consider how far the support will be as many developers can only provide help on the initial stage. This is what makes Berthaphil different. They take care of their customers and clients from their first inquiry through their business set-up in Clark Freeport. Berthaphil guarantees to continue to provide support to their customers regardless how long they have been doing business with them. The perks only get better and better because of the incentives locators can benefit from.

Throughout the twenty three years in business, Berthaphil, Inc. has been consistently dedicated to upholding the highest standards of excellence and integrity in every lease transaction and daily customer service. With its 10 locations inside of Clark representing many types of businesses that they are subleasing, Berthaphil provides locators a lot of options to choose from depending on their business needs. Berthaphil has industrial companies, manufacturing companies, warehousing, call centers, retail centers, commercial zones and residential units. 

With the current pandemic situation and employees slowly returning to their offices, more locators would show interest with these office spaces. Berthaphil has vacant spaces with great amenities and high quality facilities. For locators wanting to establish a BPO company that operates round-the-clock, Berthaphil has Clark Center that meets the need of a 24-hour economy.  

Berthaphil is with you every step of the way and it will continue to guarantee its customers that they will only provide the best service and support to give your business a room to grow.