Leasing a warehouse is a big decision and choosing the right warehouse location can make all the difference in the efficiency of a company. The right warehouse location allows a business supply chain to run smoothly and track movement and position of inventory within the warehouse's premises.  Berthaphil offers warehouse facilities for businesses seeking a low-cost, employer friendly, incentive-rich, freeport environment that can accommodate a wide range of light to heavy and small to large Industrial activities. 

Choosing the right location for your warehouse can effectively enhance the ability of your company to serve its customers better. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing the ideal warehouse for your business: 


Consider ease of accessibility and proximity to important ports, land routes, and air connectivity. The warehouses at Berthaphil Industrial Parks are located in the Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga Philippines -- 80 kilometers north of Manila, 53 kilometers from Subic Seaport and within 5 kilometers of Clark International Airport.

Warehouse Size

Evaluate the size of the warehouse your business requires. Also consider the potential additional storage you might need in the future as your business expands. Berthaphil has available warehouse units and ongoing construction to provide business locators more options that will suit their business needs. Berthaphil warehouses come in bare shell condition with plumbing stub outs and fire sprinkler backbone. 

Security and Safety 

When it comes to warehouse security, it’s important to protect the facility both inside and out. Ensure the warehouse’s safety and security measures align with yours. You can depend on Berthaphil to provide you with multiple levels of security. Clark Freeport Zone is a very safe place with a highly secured gated community. 


Consider the financial status of your business and maximize the best deal possible. Determine if you are capable of the leasing expenses to sustain your business. Plan financially and estimate the cost of everything from operational, distribution and forwarding costs. Depending on the size of the warehouse unit your business requires, Berthaphil has a lot to offer with its cost effective, available warehouse units.  

Choose Berthaphil warehouse units for your goods that not only serves your current need but is capable of taking care of your future growth needs too.

If your business requires a Duty-Free, Tax Free Import / Export environment, along with an Income Tax incentive, as well as easy access to a high quality, low cost, English speaking labor force, then Berthaphil and The Clark Freeport were designed and developed with you in mind. 

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