Berthaphil, Inc. has been a partner with several locators whose businesses grew and progressed throughout these years. Part of these successes can be attributed to Berthaphil’s highest standards of excellence and integrity in every lease transaction and daily customer service. This approach has become a hallmark of the company's business model.

Berthaphil, Inc. is not just a real estate company, but at the core of its business, it puts its customers first in order to deliver a positive experience and build long-term relationships. It provides assistance to its customers from their first inquiry to helping them set up their business in Clark Freeport Zone. 

What is Berthaphil, Inc. to Its Satisfied Clients

With over 500 companies that Berthaphil, Inc. helped over the past 20 years, it is humbled to  receive a lot of positive feedback from satisfied clients. These in return also inspire the company to continuously and consistently deliver the highest quality services to its locators. 

  • Exceeded Expectations 

SWAK BPO was welcomed by Berthaphil when it was just starting its business in Clark. It helped them get their business going. For more than six years, their expectations have been greatly exceeded with the friendly and fair business dealings from Berthaphil. The quality of the buildings that are always updated, always secure and safe to its employees greatly pleased SWAK BPO. As the company grows more space as needed has been provided by the Berthaphil Team. 

  • Expert and Knowledgeable 

Kingsley’s Hotel experienced the whole intricate process of putting up a business, but was relieved with that hassle for more than 8 years now. He acknowledges how Berthaphil continues to assist them and conveniently becomes a one-stop shop in all their business deals. All these gave them a good reason to extend their lease from 3 years to 30 years because of their faith in true partnership with Berthaphil.  

  • Going Above and Beyond to Assist

Berthaphil has also helped Origo BPO to navigate through the complexities of finding and constructing office spaces to suit their needs as they have expanded over the past 4 years. Rohan William Wass, Director of Origo mentions that Berthaphil is more than just a typical landlord. From dealing with natural disasters to providing general advice on anything business, Berthaphil was there for Origo.  

  • Accommodating and Helpful Management

Another tenant for more than 5 years with Berthaphil is Technology Elite. They started the business in the Philippines and have grown to more than 150 employees. Berthaphil was there with the company from day 1 and had been a major contributor to its growth. Berthaphil’s management team is always hands-on in accommodating and helping clients reach their goals and achieve success. 

These testimonials are not just words but have been proven and tested with the length and strength of partnership and active recommendations from all these satisfied clients. Their success is also Berthaphil’s success, and this is the true hallmark of the business. 

Berthaphil is dedicated to delivering high-quality service and developing a culture that is centered around its customers to provide the best quality office spaces, buildings, rental units, and customer service. 

Allow us to be your partner as your business grows. To see our list of clients and their testimonials, click this link.