Various commercial activities such as retail, food service, and other types of service based businesses take place in a commercial building. For business owners, they look for a space in this building that has the highest potential to bring income, thus it is important for them that the building has Class A amenities to help entice their potential clients or customers. 

Berthaphil has commercial buildings that can offer you the best terms and amenities. Besides, when it comes to leasing a vacant space, it really all comes down to amenities and what sets it apart from other commercial buildings. 

Here are some of the most preferred commercial building amenities and why they are important: 

1. Fast, Stable and Reliable Internet Connection 

Commercial buildings that have an internet connection are always at an advantage. Our smartphones are always with us, allowing us to immediately connect to the digital world. Businessmen also rely on the internet to communicate with their clients as well. It has become a must for people to stay connected whether for personal or work reasons. That is why having not to worry about that and commercial buildings being able to provide that can be one of the best amenities a commercial/office building has to offer. Clark Center is situated at the heart of a fiber optic loop that connects Clark to other major Philippine cities and to the world Internet backbone which makes it the best choice for your business location. 

2. Secured Building 

A safe environment is a stress free environment. It is important for tenants to feel a sense of security and protection while inside the building. Offering 24/7 security, CCTV on each floor/level, emergency drills, backup generator, fire exit and an earthquake resistant building are some of the things a company would look for since safety is a fundamental concern for every company. 

3. Accessible Parking and Transportation

Being able to provide easy access to parking and public transport is a major selling point both to business owners and their patrons. When parking is limited, it takes much time and effort to park private cars when going to a commercial establishment. It may also be a turn-off for customers, that they will look for a different place instead of yours. On the other hand, commuters also prefer to go to commercial buildings that are accessible to public transportation. Berthaphil commercial buildings are located strategically where they are advantageous to both private car owners and public commuters. There are plenty of spacious parking spaces in front of the buildings or just a few minutes walk, as well as main roads where PUVs, and taxis are available. 

4. Access to Retail Centers

Having a retail on-site provides greater convenience to building tenants especially if there are the right mix of retailers in the area like banks, drugstores, and convenience stores. Clark Center has a number of retail establishments that can perfectly cater to visitors, employees and residents.

5. Outdoor space and Eco-friendly options

Outdoors spaces are a must especially for employees to recharge. Being provided with this amenity allows an individual to relax while they are on break to help them recharge as they go back to their desks and work. Clark is well known for being an eco-friendly zone which is another bonus. 

Amenities are important because they provide convenience and comfort to everyone. This is also what most business owners would first look for when planning to lease a commercial building. It delivers a strong message how you value your tenants and how you only want to provide the best care about their needs and comfort. 

Available units for commercial space in the Clark Center are:
*Pavilion 22 
*Retail unit with Drive Thru at CC14 Building

For inquiries, please contact:
Ms. Arlene D. Aniciete - Manager, Sales and Marketing
Telephone Nos.: +(6345) 599 5312; 599 5313
E-mail: [email protected]